Sunday, February 9, 2014

Paper Piecing Craze

I've tried paper piecing in the past, and had some problems. When I made the pillow for the Riley Blake challenge, I can't tell you how many times I ripped pieces out. I couldn't wrap my head around which way to put the fabric onto the paper. After another challenge in my guild, its starting to come more naturally. Needless to say, since we had the challenge in our group, everyone has become mildly obsessed. Many of us have joined the Lucky Stars BOM.
I just finished making my first star, and thought I'd share.

I started by choosing colors with my trusty color wheel. Then, with my papers at the ready, I started piecing. It was a little confusing as to where to put which color, but I finally figured it out with minimal ripping.

The back was a little crazy with all of the seams. She recommends pressing them all open, but the center is still a disaster. Someone gave me a tip at our meeting yesterday, so will try that on the next one. 


And here is the finished product, I'm very pleased. I thought I'd need a break, but I have already started choosing fabric for the next one. I'm addicted!



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