Monday, January 6, 2014

Scrappy Quilt and Juki

A while back I purchased a couple of scrap bags at Denyse Schmidts sample sale. I've heard about her class, that she forces you to sew blocks together quickly, without thinking too much about fabric choices. Being a DIY kind of girl, I thought I'd give it a try on my own. I piled the fabrics on the table, quickly picked one or two, and went for it. The end result is a scrappy improv log cabin quilt.


These are not my usual fabric choices, it was great to go outside the box. At one point I thought of cutting them all up and doing something completely different with them, but I like seeing each of them, that they are all different. It is very freeing to sew this way. I wanted to quilt it simply, the way Denyse does, with a figure 8. I had seen it done on the Stitched in Color blog, and of course mine are not nearly as perfect as that one. It was fun nonetheless.


This was the first project that I quilted on my fabulous new Juki 2010Q, what can I say except LOVE!!! My other machine is a Viking Sapphire 875Q. Let me start by saying that its a great machine, with more features for the money than any other out there. I cannot live with out the floating pivot. The only other machine that I have seen with that feature is the Bernina 750, and although I do covet that one, its super expensive. I was having problems doing FMQ on the Viking, can you say thread nests galore! I had read about the Juki, and for the price decided to go for it. I didn't have one problem the entire quilt, no re threading, or nests. It just hums along. Wow, its just amazing. Here she is in her glory


It is a real treat to have two machines, they each serve different needs, and I'll be getting lots of use out of both of them. 

Its raining here today, hoping to get better shots of the finished quilt when the light is better.