Monday, October 28, 2013

Mini Madness

I've been working on the miniature challenge. Working with these tiny scraps was interesting. I finally finished the top. Have to give myself some time to figure out how to quilt it. Keep in mind that this is 12.5 inches square. So many tiny pieces!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chevrons and Banksy

I think I may have mentioned that I recently took a class with Victoria Finlay Wolfe, and learned all about 15 Minutes of Play. I enjoyed it so much that I am now partaking in the Mini Challenge over on her blog. I also joined her group and will be posting there, which should be lots of fun.  I decided to make chevrons, which seem to be popular lately.

This is just the first block. The finished quilt is only supposed to be 12 inches square, so I don't have too many to make. Its really addictive though. You can read the whole post  here.


I also took a little trip to NYC this week to visit a friend. As we were walking around the Upper West Side, we came across this.


Its Banksy, and don't worry, it didn't hurt. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013


My sewing machine had to go in for her annual physical this week. I'm feeling a little strange without her. Its definitely giving me time to catch up on my knitting, so not a bad thing.
This weekend was The New York Sheep and Wool festival, or lovingly known as Rhinebeck. The past three years I have gone with my friend Nathalie, my great friend, and former business partner. We usually sign up for all sorts of classes. We have taken dying with natural dyes, weaving, felting, improvisational crochet, spinning, you name it. This year she couldn't make it, but fear not, she is visiting with her boys next weekend for Halloween. They will get to experience the real thing, not the London equivalent. I can't wait! Lets get back to Rhinebeck. I went with my fabulous knitting buddies. We got up at the crack of dawn and arrived at the fairgrounds at 9:00. We said we wouldn't buy anything, but as they say "famous last words". We ended up standing in line at Miss Babs for an hour to pay for our Albers scarf kits. I saw this and had to make it! It not only is based on a Joseph Albers painting, it is log cabin blocks. The colors are so me. Here is a photo from home.


How much do I love these colors! Can't wait to start!

We did a lot of walking, did the usual Artichokes French, and saw some beautiful sheep.


Also, check out this nativity scene, all felted. How cool!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Color Affection

Finally finished a knitting project, its been a while. I usually lose my mojo over the summer, its too hot to work with wool. This project is one of the most popular on Ravelry, with 10220 projects. I bought my yarn last January at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. It was my first run in with The Plucky Knitter. I think its safe to say now that I've become slightly obsessed with their yarn at this point. My next project is already on the needles, and in Plucky Traveller Sport. Yummy!
So here it is, my Color Affection.



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Improv

Yesterday I had the excellent opportunity to take a class with Victoria Finlay Wolfe. I had seen her book before, but wasn't exactly sure what her process was all about. I've been feeling lately that I need to stop following patterns and start making my own quilts. I love the idea of improv. When I was in art school all those years ago, I was never very precise. My favorite artist was Matisse, especially the paper cutouts. When I'm knitting, the sweater has to fit, which is why I've never considered designing my own. Too complicated, but with quilting, it doesn't have to fit anyone, so why not go for it. 
My day began the night before, driving to my sisters house in New Jersey. There's been problems with the Metro North trains for the past week or so due to power problems. I didn't want to have to worry about getting in, so decided to bypass my normal route and go around. I'm so glad I did, got there on time no problem. 
Victoria's idea is basically that you take scraps of fabric and sew them together randomly to make your own fabric. You then take these and turn it into a quilt however you see fit. Lets just say that she had a few scraps for us to work with.


We spent part of the morning making our fabric. I got to try out the Juki straight stitch machine, which was also super fun. 

Then we had a lovely lunch, and chocolate of course! During the afternoon we used our fabric to make blocks or motifs. There were templates available, or you could wing it, as I did. 

We had a chance to look at lots of finished quilts, and get inspired. What a great way to spend a day, freeing your mind from all of those patterns, and using your instincts. Now I'm ready to go! You can watch the fun happening here